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Uniform and PE Kit

Please find below our latest uniform requirements.


The agreed uniform is as follows:

  • School Blazer with logo from Pinders
  • White shirt, short or long sleeve
  • School Tie (Pinders)
  • Black trousers or Black knee length skirt
  • Plain black footwear. (no coloured or white stripes or edging is allowed)
  • Grey V-neck jumper with school logo from Pinders (optional)
  • Black, white or grey socks.
  • Black Kameeze or Shalwar (optional choice)
  • Black, grey, royal blue or white headscarves.

Items of clothing that are not permitted include:

  • Jeans, leggings, combat trousers, harem pants, ¾ trousers or tracksuit bottoms.
  • Casual or fashion clothes
  • Hoodies (these should not be worn as coats or worn under blazers and will be removed from pupils until the end of the day if they are seen in school)
  • Hats
  • Fashion belts
  • Any non-plain black footwear as well as Ugg style boots, flip flops, high heeled shoes.
  • Headwear (except for religious reasons)


For health and safety reasons there is a limit to the amount of jewellery that can be worn this includes:
  • One watch
  • One small ring and
  • One pair of stud earrings. 

Items of jewellery not permitted include:
  • Necklace (unless tucked away)
  • Hooped or fashion ear-rings
  • Big fashion bracelets.
  • Excessive facial piercings are not acceptable for health and safety reasons.


All pupils should bring the following equipment every day:
  • School bag big enough to hold an A4 folder
  • School Planner
  • Pencil case filled with: pens, pencils, rubber, ruler
  • Scientific calculator 

KS3 and 4 PE Kit

Indoor Kit:

Royal blue Handsworth Grange Community Sports College PE 20140605_HGCSC_55.jpgpolo shirt, navy blue shorts, navy or royal blue football socks, trainers (not pumps and preferably non-marking soles), planner, pencil case.

Please note: Pupils who wear tracksuit bottoms instead of shorts as their PE kit (as agreed by PE staff) must wear navy blue in line with PE kit colours.


Outdoor Kit:

Royal blue Handsworth Grange Community Sports College PE polo shirt, navy blue shorts, navy or royal blue football socks, trainers, planner, pencil case.

Optional Extras for Outdoor PE:

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms, navy blue sweatshirt, football boots, shin pads.


Health & Safety:

·       Jewellery – Remove all jewellery/piercings (no taping up).

·       Hand valuables/phones in to PE staff for safe-keeping. PE accepts no responsibility for items ​damaged, lost or stolen during lessons.

·       Laces must be tied correctly.

·       Hair must be tied back/away from the face.

·       No chewing in lessons at any time.

·       If required, please bring inhalers into lessons.


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