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​Sc​hool Expectations​

'Believe & Achieve'

We are committed to creating an outstanding learning environment in which all pupils can learn make progress and achieve their full potential. 

We have a simple set of school and classroom expectations which we expect all pupils to follow every day. 


Our school expectations:

  • Arrive to school and lessons on time every day.
  • Be calm, polite and respectful to all, both in and out of school.
  • Wear the correct school uniform and remove outdoor coats in the school building.
  • Help each other to feel safe and happy by not bullying.
  • Respect the environment and don't litter.


Ou​r classroom expectations:

  • Come into the classroom quietly.
  • Make sure phones and music players are switched off and put away, including headphones.
  • Engage in lessons with adults and pupils so that you learn, make progress and achieve.
  • Be ready and equipped with your planner and equipment.
  • Cooperate and following instructions.


The ethos of the school is such that praise and incentives are integral to the day to day running of the school.  The school rewards triangle sets out the different ways in which the school recognises pupil's hard work.


When the school's required high standards are not met and things go wrong pupils can expect to receive a sanction.


Behaviour for Learning:

At Handsworth Grange Community Sorts College we expect all pupils to behave in a manner which encourages and motivates all pupils to learn effectively.  Every pupil is graded on their attitude to learning in each subject at each data collection point using the following categories, outstanding, good requires improvement and inadequate.  Behaviour for Learning expectations are made explicitly clear to all pupils and are displayed in all classrooms.  Parents are made aware of their child's attitude to learning through the data collection report which is sent home on four occasions during the school year.  Form tutors, Heads of Year and Key Stage Managers all monitor behavior for Learning grades achieved by every pupil.  Those achieving the highest grades are rewarded and those who fall below school expectations are supported to improve their attitude to learning.​


Rewards and Sanctions Information

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