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Sc​hool Performance Data

This page contains details of the most recent performance data for the school and links to the Department for Education's archive of Perfomance Tables.


The class of 2016 secured an impressive set of GCSE (and equivalent) results. Against a backdrop of many schools performing less well than in previous years, the students at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College gained an impressive headline figure of 58% achieving 5 or more good GCSE passes including English and maths.

5ac(EM) graph.jpgThe new progress measure of Progress 8 saw 83% of students achieving above expected standards, placing us second in the city. This headline figure represents a massive achievement for all amidst some recent turbulence within GCSEs as changes to them (and the way the results are recorded) take hold. 

Over recent years the progress of students is something we continue to excel at and is an increasing annual trend.​​​

sheff 5ac(EM) graph.jpgThis graph shows the headline figure of 5+A*-C grades including English and maths across all of Sheffield's schools.

Handsworth Grange Community Sports College is highlighted yellow in the ranked list. sheff 5ac(EM) graph.jpg

This figure would rank Handsworth Grange Community Sports College clearly within the top half of performing schools with Sheffield.

Clearly this is just one measure of performance amongst many.​



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