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​Special Educational Needs and Disability

The progress and achievement of each and every pupil, despite their needs or disabilities, is central to our work at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College.  We have high expectations and aspirations for ALL pupils and the first class, high quality teaching and differentiated learning opportunities that are provided in each lesson are integral to the progress that each child makes.  

The Special Educational Needs Department  is based in the central hub of the school.  The team is managed by our new Special Educational Needs Coordinator​ Mrs Joanne Brocklesby, and is made up of a range of both teaching and support staff. Mrs Brocklesby can be contacted on 0114 269 4801.​

Pupils are supported for a range of needs covering the following 4 broad areas of need:

Communication & Interaction

Speech, language and communication needs, ASD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism

Cognition and Learning

Moderate learning difficulties (MLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD)

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and attachment disorder.

Sensory and / or physical needs

Hearing impairment (HI), visual impairment (VI), physical disability (PD)

Support staff are deployed for both in class support and to deliver interventions which support learning and progress.  In class support is targeted at pupils who have a statement of special educational need and interventions are based on individual needs assessed by both the SEN staff and by teachers or parents raising concerns.

Interventions cover a range of needs such as renaissance reading (reading and comprehension), Lexia (spelling and comprehension) and handwriting intervention amongst others.  Older pupils and staff provide opportunities for paired reading (confidence in reading aloud and comprehension)

Specialist teaching staff deliver targeted lessons at Key Stage Three which focus on literacy and numeracy development for those pupils who are in need of additional support to accelerate their progress and development.​

All schools have a duty to provide information on the 'school offer' for SEN provision.  Please find a copy of Handsworth Grange Community Sports College's school offer below:

          HANDSWORTH SCHOOL OFFER Updated November 2016.docx


Please click the link below to find details of Handsworth Grange's SEN policy.
NEW SEN POLICY updated June 2017.docx
SEN Information Report 2017.docx


Please follow the link below to find details of Sheffield Local Authority's local offer

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