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​Gov​ernors Information Page

Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Governing Body

Governors are volunteers who are appointed to the governing body and take responsibility for three key roles:

* The performance of the school and holding the Head and Senior Leadership Team to account.

* To ensure that the finances are allocated in an appropriate manner which helps to support and improve pupil achievement.

* The strategic direction of the school.

The Headteacher is responsible for the day-today management of the school and reports directly to the governing body.

The governing body meets at least three times a year as a full governing body.  However much of the work of governors is delegated to the appropriate committee.

Governors carry out their role in a variety of ways including membership of committees, visits to school, link governor roles, attending school events and providing specific expertise to help decision making. 

 Please find below details of our governiong body and commitee structure.

 Officers, Committee Structure, membership and terms of reference


Chair of Governors: Elizabeth Underwood

Vice Chair of Governors: Kabier Aslam



​Committee & Chair
​Academic Year ​2016/2017


Strategic ​

Elizabeth Underwood*    


Elizabeth Underwood
(Chair of Governors)
Steve Sims


Elizabeth Underwood (Chair)
Ed Wydenbach
Kabier Aslam
Anne Quaile​​

​Elizabeth Underwood* (Chair), Anne Quaile, Steve Sims, Kabier Aslam


Pupils Parents & Community

Chair – Kabier Aslam*

Vice Chair - ​​


Kabier Aslam​
Ed Wydenbach
David Whitehouse


Kabier Aslam (Chair)

Ed Wydenbach

David Whitehouse


​​Kabier Aslam (Chair)

Elizabeth Underwood

David Whitehouse​​

Kabier Aslam* (Chair), Abdul Khayum, Dave Whitehouse and SLT members Sally Ruczenczyn and Steph McCoy

Teaching & Learning & Staffing

Chair - Elizabeth Underwood*

Vice Chair - 

​Ed Wydenbach (Chair)
Elizabeth Underwood
Kabier Aslam


Ed Wydenbach (Chair)
Elizabeth Underwood
Kabier Aslam​


Elizabeth Underwood (chair)
Kabier Aslam​​

Elizabeth Underwood(Chair)Kabier Aslam, and SLT members Nick Parker, Katie Reynolds and Kate Grapes​

Finance & General Purpose

Chair - Steve Sims*

Vice Chair - ​Jim McDonnell

Steve Sims
Elizabeth Underwood​
Jim McDonnell

​Debra Clarke
Neil Craig

Steve Sims (Chair)
Elizabeth Underwood
Kabier Aslam
Neil Craig
Debra Clarke
Jim McDonnell


Steve Sims (Chair)​​

​Elizabeth Underwood

Kabier Aslam

Debra Clark​e​

Jim McDonnell​

Steve Sims* (Chair), Elizabeth Underwood, Neil Craig, Debra Clarke, Jim McDonnell and SLT members Steve Wild and Kate Grapes

​Full Governing Body

Link Governors

Ed Wydenbach  -  English and Maths

Kabier Aslam – Science and Pupil Premium​

Debra Clark - Business

Neil Craig - ICT​​​

Vacancy  – Technology

Elizabeth Underwood – Safeguarding, Training and MFL

Steve Sims – SEN


Please see below a document outlining the various committees and their terms of reference:

Committees_and_TOR_September 2016 (1).doc


Below is a simple overview regarding the function and role of each committee.

Strategic Committee.

The strategic committee consists of the Chair and Vice-Chair of governors, the Chairs of committees​ and the Headteacher.  The committee meets at the start of each term to agree the agendas for the committee meetings, take responsibility for the strategic direction of the school and discuss with the Headteacher development issues.

Teaching, Learning and Staffing Committee

The Teaching, Learning and Staffing Committee meets once a term, it reviews pupils' attainment, achievement and progress across all subject areas and year groups.  It also looks at how the school manages the continuous professional development of teaching staff. The committee is chaired by the vice-chair of the governing body and is attended by the chair of the governing body, the chair of the Pupils, Parents and Community Committee, a staff governor and members of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Pen portraits of our Governors:

​            Register of Interests

​​Elizabeth Underwood

​PR and communications consultant specialising in education: former head of communications​ for Learndirect in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Primary school governor in Sheffield. Vice chair of governors since 2010.​​​

​Business interests: None

Financial interests: None

Governance roles in other schools: Hunters Bar Junior School, Sheffield

​​​Kabier Aslam
Business entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the commercial and retail sector. Worked with voluntary organisations in the local community with young adults and the elderly. Former pupil of Handsworth Grange.  Work and live in the locality.  Passionate parent governor since 2010.​
Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools: Trustee at Darnall Community Nursery
​Ed Wydenbach​​
Experience in education for over forty years as a teacher, leader and more recently a governor in several sch​ools. A National Leader of Governance, Ed has been Chair of Governors for four years.

​Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools: National Leader of Governance. NLG Advocate for South Yorkshire and the East Midlands.​

​David Whitehouse​

Currently a school head of year, event visit coordinator and member of the pastoral team accumulating ​over 11 years of experience at HGCSC. David has been a staff governor since 2015.

Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance Roles in other schools: None
​Jim McDonnell

​A solicitor and Senior Associate at a commercial law firm, columnist for the Law Society Gazette, and part-time Executive and Assistant Producer for a professional theatre company. Living locally for many years, Jim has been a community governor at Handsworth Grange since 2012.​

Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools: None
​Steve Sims

Steve lives locally in Sheffield and is married with two daughters. He is an MBA graduate of Sheffield Hallam University and also has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and Development.

His background is in education and training, providing services to young people and secondary schools within the city. Steve currently works within the Local Authority.

''I feel I have a good understanding socially of the issues facing young people and parents from all areas of the community, as I meet them in the course of my work. As a parent we all want the best for our children, and school governance is the most important volunteering role in education, towards making a difference to children's lives by helping them to realise their aspirations and expectations."

Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools:​ ​Tapton Academy, Sheffield
​​Neil Craig

​Neil is a business analyst in the steel industry

​Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools:​ None​

​Abdul Khayum
​Abdul is a managing director of a property rentals business
Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools:​ ​Oak Tree High School, Sheffield​

​Debra Clarke

​Debra is a School Business Manager in a nearby primary school

​Business interests: None
Financial interests: None
Governance roles in other schools:​ ​None


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