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​Exam and Assessment Results

​​The headline figures from our key stage 4 results for 2015/16 are:

  • ​Progress 8 score is +0.52
  • Attainment 8 score is 49.94
  • Percentage of pupils who got a good pass in English and Maths is 59%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects (this means pupils who got a GCSE grade C or above in English, maths, 2 sciences, a language and history or geography) is 11%
  • Student 'destinations' (the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment​ at the end of 16 to 19 study) is 100%
For further information on Progress 8 and Attainment 8 please use the link:


Exam ​Information

Please see below for information regarding our internal and external examinations here at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College.


Exam Board Information/websites



Latest information:​​

​​BTEC External Exam Dates 2017 2018
HGCSC BTEC External Units 2017 2018.pdf
HGCSC Year 11 Internal Exam Timetable​ 2017

HGCSC Year 11 Internal Exam Timetable November 2017.pdf

HGCSC Summer 2018 GCSE Timetable and Internal Exam Window
HGCSC Summer 2018 GCSE Timetable and HGCSC Internal Exam Window.pdf
​​HGCSC Year 10 Mid Year Assessment Feb
HGCSC Year 10 Mid Year Assessment Feb 2018.pdf

Year 11 Intervention Timetable

​Business Studies
​Health & Social Care

​​Health & Social Care



Please find below a list of up to date information pages regarding examination procedures at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College​​​​​

We operate exams for all year groups in the same way in order to make every student clear about our expectations whether these are 'internal' or 'external' examinations.

Below are some procedures that we would like all pupils to be familiar with:
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