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Handsworth Grange Community Sports College would like to congratulate all Y11 pupils on their record GCSE results for 2013:

63% 5+A*-C with English and Maths & 84% 5+A*-C.



What makes Handsworth Grange Community Sports College a good school?


We have high expectations of pupils and teachers - this leads to high quality teaching and learning and good pupil progress.


We are a Specialist Sports College with ICT - this means we have high quality facilities, opportunities to participate at the highest levels, and extra funding to support teaching and learning across the school.


We work in partnership with parents, the community, and other stakeholders. This enables us to build strong relationships with our parents, allows us to play an active part in our community and builds on our reputation as a centre of excellence in the City of Sheffield and beyond.


Handsworth Grange Community Sports College is an inclusive school and a caring school. We wish the very best for all of our pupils and we do our very best to support them on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.


We are an improving school. Handsworth Grange Community Sports College has the potential to become one of the best schools in Sheffield and we want to work with you to reach this target.


If you require any further details about the school please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be pleased to meet you and show you around the school.


Yours sincerely


Anne Quaile

Head Teacher





Further improve attainment and progress of all pupils; with a greater emphasis on Key Stage 3 and the changing cohort on entry.
2. Dramatically close the achievement gaps for all groups of pupils.
3. Ensure all monitoring and evaluation of provision focuses on the impact on pupils’ progress.
4. Develop teaching so that it is consistently good or better to enable all pupils to make the expected levels of progress.
5. Further improve the literacy & numeracy skills of all pupils across all areas of the curriculum.
6. Further improve the behaviour for learning of all pupils in lessons to enable all pupils to make the expected levels of progress.

School missiion statement
‘Handsworth Grange Community Sports College values its Pupils, Staff and Community.
It recognises diversity, promotes inclusion and celebrates achievement’











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School Prospectus:


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Handsworth Grange Community Sports College -

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Handsworth Grange Road
Sheffield S13 9HJ
Tel: 0114 269 4801
Fax: 0114 269 2832